Gigabit is a community company working with Broadband for the Rural North (B4RN) to provide ultra fast Internet access using fibre to the premises (FTTP) across rural areas to the North of Preston, Lancashire.

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Network Area
The borders of the Gigabit coverage area are constantly changing, but to get a rough idea of where service is currently or shortly available, see the blue area on the map above. The bright green area represents the areas into which we are currently planning to actively extend the network - if communities show enough interest. To find out more - simply use email us at:
Please note that we are still installing fibre routes within the area, and we can't cover everywhere instantly... The routes may still be under construction, and some fibre routes may also extend beyond the areas shown. 
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If you are interested in joining Gigabit, and your location is within or near the areas shown, then please contact us  and we can discuss your location in detail.
If you feel that we should simply be supported in our activity, any donations (however large!) will be very gratefully received... 
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Gigabit - by the community, for the community.